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Free desktop wallpapers!

If you’re using a computer from System76, you should already have our desktop wallpapers! Head to System SettingsAppearance and select a wallpaper from there. If you have reinstalled your OS since receiving your computer, make sure you’ve followed the System76 restore documentation.

Designed by System76

Grab all the wallpapers as a .zip, or click/tap on one below to download it individually.

Download All (.zip)

Brandmark Blue

Brandmark Blue Desktop Wallpaper

Brandmark Gray

Brandmark Gray Desktop Wallpaper

Brandmark Yellow

Brandmark Yellow Desktop Wallpaper


Chainlink Desktop Wallpaper

Fractal Mountains

Fractal Mountains Desktop Wallpaper

Fractal Salad

Fractal Salad Desktop Wallpaper


Geometric Desktop Wallpaper


Honeycomb Desktop Wallpaper

Logo Blue

Logo Blue Desktop Wallpaper

Logo Gray

Logo Gray Desktop Wallpaper

Old Man Smoked His Pipe (by Ian Hex)

Old Man Smoked His Pipe Desktop Wallpaper


Robot Desktop Wallpaper

Unleash Your Robot

Robot Desktop Wallpaper

Unleash Your Robot Blue

Robot Desktop Wallpaper

Automatic updates on Pop!_OS, Ubuntu, & Ubuntu-based OSes

To install our desktop wallpapers and receive automatic updates of new wallpapers on Pop!_OS, Ubuntu, or an Ubuntu-based OS, open a Terminal and enter the following (pressing Enter after each line):

sudo apt-add-repository -ys ppa:system76-dev/stable
sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y system76-wallpapers

When that finishes, head to System SettingsAppearance (or the equivalant for your OS) and select a wallpaper from there.

For more information, see the Launchpad project.