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System76 Careers

Current Openings at System76

System76 is the leading provider of Linux laptops, desktops, and servers. System76 offers health benefits, paid vacation, matching 401k, sabbatical, and an awesome dog-friendly work environment where smart people are free to create.

Senior Platform Engineer

// US Remote

At System76, you’ll play a key role in building and growing the world’s leading Linux computer manufacturer. In the last few years, we’ve built a factory in Denver, CO for manufacturing our computers and peripherals. You’ll help us build the platform that powers it and enables efficient management of resources across receiving, inventory, production, assembly, and accounting. Together with a talented team you’ll leverage the latest technologies to streamline our operations and grow our capabilities as a company.

As Senior Platform Engineer, designing and building systems is your forte. At System76 you’ll own the systems you build from their inception to deployment and beyond. You understand and prioritize delivering features and using data to drive future iterations. Developing new services for receiving and managing inventory, leveling up the assembly line tooling, and enhancing our accounting abilities with third party integrations are just a few of the projects you’ll be helping the team drive forward.

Key Responsibilities

  • Design and develop new systems to support our manufacturing and teams.
  • Work directly with stakeholders to identify and translate business needs into technical specifications and requirements.
  • Integrate third party APIs to consume and deliver data between our systems and trusted third parties.
  • Run, manage, and maintain System76’s cloud servers and web apps
  • Build out devops tooling to empower team members and other System76 teams.
  • Other duties as assigned

Key experience

  • 5+ years of experience in a software engineering role
  • Experience integrating and managing third party API services
  • Comfortable working with databases and SQL
  • Production experience with deployments using Docker, Terraform, and Ansible
  • Experience building CI/CD pipelines, bonus points for GitHub Actions experience
  • Previous work with event-based and asynchronous architecture is a plus

We believe in open source at System76 and much of what we build is available on GitHub. If you’re passionate about open source and the prospect of building enterprise systems as open source excites you then we’d love to hear from you!

To be considered for this position, send your resume and links to any source code you have online to

Production Technician

// Denver, CO

As a System76 Production Technician, you will be crafting open hardware computers. You love to work with your hands and have a sense of pride in cultivating a perfect product. You are an artisan who will work with quality materials to craft high-end computers unique to the marketplace. Not only are you passionate about the potential for a world with open hardware designs, you’re eager to contribute toward that future in a meaningful way.

The System76 production crew has a strong sense of ownership, urgency and drive. You’ll work with a team of contributors and enthusiasts dedicated to delivering exceptional products for the Open Source community and beyond. Your work will shape the future of the company and the products we share with our customers.

Key responsibilities

  • Building open hardware computer chassis from start to finish
  • Bending metal with a brake press
  • Driving a forklift
  • Using pneumatic tools
  • Using power tools
  • Combining parts using jigs
  • Operating a cold saw
  • Powder coating metal parts
  • Maintaining a perfectly clean and safe work environment
  • Other duties as assigned

Required skills and experience:

  • Must enjoy teamwork, learning, variety, and working with your hands
  • Understanding that safety is paramount
  • Good hand-eye coordination
  • Able to lift, push, pull, and move up to 50 pounds
  • Able to stand for long periods
  • Bonus - experience working in a metal shop
  • Bonus - experience powder coating

To be considered for this position, send your résumé and cover letter to

Quality Assurance Engineer

// Denver, CO

The people at System76 have a strong sense of ownership, urgency and drive. The System76 team is one that is dedicated to delivering exceptional products and an unparalleled customer experience. Your work will directly contribute to the quality of products we deliver to customers.

As the perfect candidate, you love to tinker. You love both hardware and software. You are passionate about Linux. You run beta versions of applications and file bug reports when they have issues. You spend your free time learning about the latest tech and trying to get your hands on it. You know the code name of Intel’s next micro-architecture or die-shrink. (And you probably know NVIDIA’s microarchitecture code names as well). You know what happens when you start pushing memory too far. You’ve probably bricked a system. Hopefully you un-bricked it afterwards. You LOVE benchmarking — 3rd party reviews aren’t enough, you want to see results for yourself. Details matter and you don’t take shortcuts. If this sounds like you, what are you waiting for? Apply already!

Key responsibilities

Product Testing

  • Help set and maintain quality standards for Pop!_OS releases
  • Thoroughly test unreleased products as they move through the development process
  • Refine test processes to improve test coverage, code quality, and testing efficiency
  • Stop bugs from reaching production
  • Benchmark machines and components for product viability
  • Investigate issues reported by users and customers
  • Test new code for functionality and regressions


  • Report product testing findings
  • Create high quality bug reports and shepherd them through to resolution
  • Communicate high-priority bugs within appropriate channels

Other duties as assigned

Required skills and experience:

  • Highest standards of ethics and morals
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Linux know-how and passion
  • Deep knowledge of computer components
  • Familiarity with version control
  • Experience with benchmarking tools and result analysis
  • Highly organized with impeccable attention to detail
  • Passion and a desire to learn

To be considered for this position, send your resume and cover letter to

Customer Experience Specialist

// Denver, CO or Remote US-based

As a Customer Service Specialist, you create exceptional brand buying experiences for customers and prospects across a variety of platforms. You’ll answer incoming sales questions about Pop!_OS and System76 hardware. You’ll guide people to the perfect product for their needs.

You’re passionate about computers and open source software. You spend time on Reddit and Twitter espousing the benefits of your favorite Linux distro. You’re positive and constructive. You have a talent for communicating details about technical products in an easy to understand way.

Key responsibilities

  • Answer inbound sales and service questions on internal messaging systems and over the phone
  • Follow up and nurture inbound requests from sales quotes, sales questions, marketing campaigns, web leads, and chats
  • Assist customers with purchases and create orders
  • Identify and introduce larger volume customers to our Account Managers
  • Actively participate in social media by answering questions and helping potential customers with purchasing decisions. Guide existing customers that need help to the Support team.
  • Assist customers when shipping issues occur and file shipping insurance claims when necessary
  • Verify credit card and address information for non-conforming orders
  • Work with product assembly teams to ensure timely order delivery. Communicate with customers if there is a delay.
  • Work with all departments to satisfy customer requests and provide an exceptional customer experience
  • Other duties as assigned

Required skills and experience

  • Excellent, demonstrable written and verbal communication skills
  • Passionate about Pop_OS!, Linux, and open source software
  • Familiarity with computers and computer components
  • Organized
  • Desirable skills and experience
  • Ability to clearly discuss the merits of open source software and hardware
  • Experience with social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit)

To be considered for this position, send your resume to