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We believe in open hardware that’s powerful, compact, quiet, beautiful and upgradable—so we made it. What will you make with it?

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Family of Thelio Products

Light Up Sale

Save $150 – $200 on desktops. Configure your system with upgrades to light your way to FREE domestic shipping!

Thelio’s new look

We’ve slimmed down Thelio’s wood wrapping into a swappable accent on the front of the system. Style your Thelio with a variety of wood or powder-coated aluminum accents to empower any mindset.

Let your alter ego shine with Thelio's new swappable color accent panels.

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System76 Thelio with Walnut Accent


Intel 13th Gen CPU

Up to 64GB of Memory

Up to GeForce 3070 GPUs

Up to 48TB of Storage

Space-Saving Design



$150 off!
System76 Thelio Mira with Walnut Accent

Thelio Mira

Intel 13th Gen CPU or AMD 7000 Ryzen

Up to 128GB of Memory

Up to GeForce 3080Ti GPUs

Up to 56TB of Storage

The Professional Desktop



$200 off!
System76 Thelio Major with Walnut Accent

Thelio Major

AMD Threadripper or 13th Gen Intel CPUs

Up to 256GB of Memory

Up to NVIDIA 3090Ti GPUs

Up to 88 TB of Storage

Marathon Performance



$200 off!

Thelio Mega

Threadripper PRO 5000 WX-Series CPUs

Up to 256GB of ECC Memory

Up to 4 GPUs

Up to 52TB of Storage

Accelerated Compute Proficiency



$200 off!

Thelio Massive


Up to 1536GB of ECC Memory

Up to 4 GPUs

Up to 72TB of Storage

Dependable, Continuous Computing



$200 off!

Crafted With Intention in Denver, Colorado


US-sourced materials, US-based expertise

Thelio desktops are designed, engineered, and manufactured at our factory in Denver, CO using aluminum and wood sourced from US companies. For every Thelio purchased, we plant a tree through the National Forest Foundation.

A display of aluminum and wood sourced from US companies.

Aluminum origins

Thelio begins as a solid sheet of aluminum. This is fed into a CNC laser-punch machine, where it’s cut, formed, and threaded.

Thelio begins as a solid sheet of aluminum. This is fed into a CNC laser-punch machine, where it’s cut, formed, and threaded.

Parts take shape

Chassis parts are cut and bent to precise measurements, ensuring each machine ships with the same high-quality construction.

Thelio chassis parts being cut and bent with precise measurements.

Infused with elegance

Shimmering black powder coats the aluminum with a premium cosmic aesthetic. Every design choice embodies the character of our company and community.

Black powder coats the aluminum Thelio chassis.

Colors to match

Swappable color accent panels change Thelio’s look to mesh with the user’s personality. Color options include real walnut or birch wood, Neptune Blue, Martian Red, Farout Pink, or Etched PCB Traces.

Real walnut wood accent created at System76

Custom components

Assembly technicians combine parts and equip the latest, most powerful components as designed by the user.

Assembly technicians installing a component into a Thelio.

Handled with care

Lastly, your system is delicately packaged for interstellar transit. Fully assembled Thelio desktops ship to US and Canada, with more locations to come!

A Thelio system is delicately packaged for transit.


Our products are constantly evolving. Customer feedback and thorough testing help us craft a faster, quieter, and longer-lasting system. Each iteration addresses the needs of our users while streamlining processes. And because we manufacture in-house, any changes we make can be applied to our production process as soon as they’ve passed testing.

Two engineers testing a Thelio.
Thelio IO board.


Thelio Io is a System76-designed chassis controller and hard drive backplane that regulates Thelio’s thermals for consistent performance output. It does this using motherboard data, fan speed, GPU data, and OS data to coordinate optimal airflow and acoustics.


Making hardware that’s open source allows anyone to learn from the Thelio design, adapt it, improve it, and make derivative works inspired by what we've created. Thelio desktops and Thelio Io are all OSHWA-certified open source hardware licensed under GPL v3 and CC-BY-SA, with design files hosted on GitHub. We hope Thelio can be a spark for open source hardware just as GNU and Linux were the sparks that forever changed the way software was developed and shared nearly three decades ago.

System76 supports every user’s right to repair. In fact, the chassis is designed for it. When you buy a Thelio from us, it’s yours to customize, upgrade, tinker, and replace parts at will. We back this promise with lifetime support for your product and a 30-day money back guarantee.

The System76 robot mascot M3lvin and the Linux penguin mascot Tux together.
Front-facing 27 inches1440p IPS monitor displaying Pop!_OS.


Thelio pairs with Pop!_OS to keep you progressing at full speed, every step of the way. Auto-Tiling, Workspaces, and Keyboard Navigation accelerate your workflow with comprehensive shortcuts.