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We believe in open hardware that’s powerful, compact, quiet, beautiful and upgradable—so we made it. What will you make with it?

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Family of Thelio desktops, including Thelio, Thelio Mira, Thelio Major, and Thelio Mega lined up showing off the walnut accent option and new top ports.

Back to School Sale

Get $200 off select desktops thru August 2nd. Plus, enjoy limited-edition Thelio Accent options for any handcrafted desktop.

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Thelio with walnut accent turned a quarter to the right


AMD Ryzen 5/9 CPUs

Up to 64GB DDR5 memory

Up to AMD RX 7900 GRE graphics

Up to 24TB of storage

Pro small form factor desktop



$200 off + New accent designs!

Thelio Spark with walnut accent turned a quarter to the right. Has an orange tag that reads NEW

Thelio Spark

Intel Core 12th Gen i5 CPUs

Up to 64GB DDR4 memory

AMD or NVIDIA graphics

Up to 32TB of storage

Quality starter desktop



$200 off + New accent designs!

Thelio Mira with walnut accent turned quarter to the right

Thelio Mira

Intel Core 14th Gen i5/i7/i9 CPUs

Up to 128GB DDR5 memory

Up to NVIDIA RTX 4090 graphics

Up to 32TB of storage

Versatile pro desktop


New accent designs!

Thelio Major with walnut accent turned a quarter to the right. Has an orange tag that reads NEW MODEL

Thelio Major

AMD Threadripper 7000 Series CPUs

Up to 512GB ECC DDR5 memory

Up to NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada graphics

Up to 40TB of storage

High-performance workstation


New accent designs!

Thelio Mega with a walnut accent turned quarter to the right.

Thelio Mega

AMD Threadripper Pro 7000 WX-series CPUs

Up to 512GB of DDR5 ECC memory

Up to 48TB of storage

Dual-GPU options

Machine Learning Workstation

Crafted With Intention in Denver, Colorado

Thelio computer with red accent, Thelio Mira with blue accent, and Thelio Major with birch accent, lined up next to each other revealing side airvents and top ports

Swappable accent colors

Let your alter ego shine with swappable color accent panels on Thelio! Ponder with Neptune Blue, or use Martian Red to rise to the challenge. And when the day is done, Farout Pink will help you blow off steam on Steam.


System76 supports every user’s right to repair. In fact, the desktop is designed for it. When you buy a Thelio from us, it’s yours to customize, upgrade, tinker, and replace parts at will. We back this promise with lifetime support for your product and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Internal shot of Thelio Mira, revealing the optional fan and internal components coming out of the machine which showcase the ability to upgrade the machine.

Easy Access Storage

Hot swap SSDs make adding and swapping drives simple. 2.5" drive goes in, 2.5" drive comes out.

Internal of Thelio Mira, showing the easy to access to drives

Screws Secured

Drive screws for 2.5" drives are fastened to the system so that they stay easy to find when you need them.

Internal shot of the easy to find Thelio Mira screws

Pre-Wired for Upgrades

Wires shipped inside the system accommodate the most powerful GPU configurable on your desktop.

Internal of the Thelio Mega with wires nicely organized.

Internal image of the Thelio Mira showing the location of the Ram for fast rendering and compling, Storage for high capacity high speed, Graphics for AAA gaming and deep leraning, Thermals for divide and conquer airflow that prevents throttling RAM.
Front-facing 27 inches1440p IPS monitor displaying Pop!_OS.


Thelio pairs with Pop!_OS to keep you progressing at full speed, every step of the way. Auto-Tiling, Workspaces, and Keyboard Navigation accelerate your workflow with comprehensive shortcuts.