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Thelio Shells


Out-of-this-world handcrafted systems

Thelio Shells


Thelio Motherboard
  • Ryzen or Core CPUs
  • Up to 32GB of Memory
  • Radeon or GeForce GPUs
  • Up to 24TB of Storage
  • Space-Saving Design


Thelio Major

Thelio Major Motherboard
  • Threadripper or Core-X CPUs
  • Up to 128GB of Memory
  • Up to 4 GPUs
  • Up to 46TB of Storage
  • Maximum Configurability


Thelio Massive

Thelio Massive Motherboard
  • Dual XEON CPUs
  • Up to 768GB of ECC Memory
  • Up to 4 GPUs
  • Up to 86TB of Storage
  • Epitome of performance


Intelligently Designed

Thelio is designed to maximize the performance of every high-end component while remaining incredibly compact. Oversized fans quietly pull in cool air. Heat pipes rapidly draw heat from the CPU. Ducts contain the heated air and direct it out of the system. And a custom chassis controller coordinates and optimizes the flow.

Easily Expandable

Tinker to your heart’s desire. Thelio systems are created for you to customize with ease. Slip in drives, add memory, upgrade graphics cards. Add your own personal touch and make your computer feel like it’s really, truly yours.

Easily Expandable

Beautifully Crafted

Every design element was crafted with intention. Etched-in artwork and rounded corners create an inviting and professional aesthetic that’s open, friendly, and warm. Real walnut or birch wood compliment Thelio’s deep matte black finish. Care was taken to ensure you’ll feel proud to have this desktop sitting on your desk, not underneath.

*Rear ports differ by platform and options. See tech specs for port details.

Mahogany color
Maple color
Thelio Backplate

The Beginning of Time

We've taken every opportunity to infuse Thelio with elegant and meaningful details. From the subtle mountainscape to the solar system at the time of the Unix Epoch, Thelio embodies the character of our company and community.

Pop!_OS overview layers

Perfect with Pop!_OS

Pop!_OS by System76 and Thelio together form the perfect platform to create and discover. Thelio is optimized for maximum performance. Pop!_OS provides tools and development platforms that are always up-to-date and just a single click or command away.

Write software. Build robots. Train AI models. Dev those ops. Frag your Steam friends on the side! Have fun making a better world.

Thelio IO board

Optimized by Thelio Io

Thelio Io is a System76 designed chassis controller and hard drive backplane that moves proprietary functionality from the mainboard to the open source Thelio Io daughterboard.

Moving chassis and thermal control to Thelio Io enables far more granular performance optimization. Motherboard data, fan speed, and GPU and OS data are used to coordinate optimal airflow.

Thelio Massive also includes an open source System76 designed SAS backplane for high performance 2.5” PCIe storage.

Unleash with tux

Open hardware licensed to give you rights

Thelio, Thelio Major, Thelio Massive, and Thelio Io are OSHWA certified open source hardware.

Licensed under GPL v3 and CC-BY-SA, everyone can learn from what we've created, adapt it, improve it, and make derivative works inspired by the Thelio design. We hope Thelio can be a spark for open source hardware, just as GNU and Linux were the sparks that forever changed the way software was developed and shared nearly three decades ago. Thelio and Thelio Io design files are hosted on GitHub.

Designed and Manufactured in Colorado

US-sourced wood and aluminum are formed, finished, etched, and built by artisans in our Denver, Colorado factory. Premium components from around the world are then assembled to your final specifications. And to offset environmental impact, every Thelio sold plants a tree with the National Forest Foundation.

We back Thelio with a 30-day money back guarantee, lifetime technical support, and rapid software updates.

Colorado Mountains



Thelio Major

Thelio Major


Thelio Massive

Thelio Massive


Operating System

Pop!_OS 19.10 (64-bit), Pop!_OS 18.04 LTS (64-bit), or Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (64-bit)


3rd Gen AMD® Ryzen™


AMD® Radeon Graphics, optional NVIDIA® Graphics

Video Ports

Dependent on GPU selection:

Radeon RX Vega 11: 1× DisplayPort, 2× HDMI

Radeon RX 550: 1× DisplayPort, 1× HDMI, 1× DVI

Radeon RX 590: 3× DisplayPort, 1× HDMI

GeForce RTX 2060: 3× DisplayPort, 1× HDMI

GeForce RTX 2070: 3× DisplayPort, 1× HDMI, 1× USB Type-C

GeForce RTX 2080: 3× DisplayPort, 1× HDMI, 1× USB Type-C

GeForce RTX 2080 Ti: 3× DisplayPort, 1× HDMI, 1× USB Type-C


Up to 32 GB Dual Channel DDR4 @ 2933 MHz


Up to 22 TB, M.2 NVMe and 2.5″ SATA drives

Rear Ports

2× USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-A, 3× USB 3.1 Gen 1, 1× RJ-45 LAN port

Rear Audio

Mic Jack, Line In, Line Out


Gigabit Ethernet, built-in Intel® Wireless-AC (a/b/g/n/ac) with Bluetooth

Power Supply

500W 80+ Certified (90% or greater power efficiency)

Optional: 650W 80+ Certified (90% or greater power efficiency)


Height × Width × Depth

12.87″ × 8.15″ × 11.46″ (327 × 207 × 291mm)