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Ubuntu Server

Whether building clusters, clouds, or appliances, Ubuntu Server is the perfect foundation for your data center solution.

Management made easy.

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Metal as a Service (MAAS) makes it easy to rapidly provision new servers and manage their life cycle. Simply boot your server to the MAAS cluster and use an intuitive web interface to load your preferred Ubuntu Server version. As your needs evolve, servers can be added, retired, or redeployed.

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Juju automates private, public and hybrid cloud configuration and management. Quickly deploy and grow your choice of hundreds of cloud services, all with the best-practices of each built in. With Juju, you easily configure services through a powerful web GUI or the command line.

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Landscape provides a bird’s eye view of your Ubuntu infrastructure. It helps you monitor, manage, and update Ubuntu across all of your hardware. The Landscape systems management tool is included with Ubuntu Advantage which can be purchased from Canonical and adds support, legal assurance, and access to experts.

Deploy software faster.

Go from opening your server to production in minutes.


Just enough OS.

Ubuntu Server is easy to set up and lightweight, including only what you need out of the box. It’s powerfully extended with thousands of commercial and open source server applications.

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Server rack and laptop running Ubuntu

Decrease cost & accelerate development.

Build, test, and deploy. Only Ubuntu provides the same free platform from desktop to cloud, taking your ideas from development to production seamlessly.

What makes System76 servers the best choice?

Drive cages

Built for easy maintenance and expansion.

System76 servers are designed to make maintenance easy. Adding memory, swapping hard drives, or adding expansion cards is simple and straightforward.

CPU Performance

All the server you need. Nothing you don’t.

System76’s advanced system configurator and abundant options make it easy to design the perfect server for your needs.

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Guaranteed Ubuntu compatibility.

System76 server drivers are included in the Ubuntu kernel. You never have to load third-party drivers, worry about upgrades, or fiddle with kernel updates.