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We’re eager to witness the innovations of the future. Here’s how we’re preserving it.

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Woman reduces waste by adding in new components to a Nebula PC case.


System76 designs computers and keyboards to encourage and empower user repairability. Your right to repair is built into the fabric of what we do. Durable materials, swappable motherboards, and lifetime support keeps components and cases in commission for years to come.


We use aluminum in our computers, keyboards, and the spaceship of our dreams. When it’s recycled, new aluminum takes far less energy to make, and with no loss in quality. In doing this, we’re able to preserve more of the Earth’s resources while serving the innovators who seek to save it.

Aluminum Thelio case sits on a desk with tools and other aluminum pieces during its building process
Large cardboard recycling containers at the System76 factory were e-waste is recycled.


We send sheet metal, chassis parts, wiring, faulty components, and more to be recycled. You can even send your System76 product back to us for recycling, free of charge. The Dwarven smiths of the Rocky Mountains will be happy to forge with such fine material.

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