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Adder WS laptop with coreboot quarter-turned to the right

Adder WS

Portable performance.

Meerkat, meer7, at quarter turned angle


The mighty mini.

Lemur laptop quarter-turned right with coreboot

Lemur Pro

A remote worker’s bliss.

Explore and Tinker

The keyboardist member of Theliohead holding up a pink keyboard that functions as a piano

Turn Your Launch Keyboard Into An Instrument

An illustrated 3D printed robot

Create 3D-Printed Robots

Thelio with custom moth accent

Personalize Your Desktop with Thelio Maker Accent

New and Noteworthy

Your Monthly COSMIC Fix(es)

Display mirroring, ARM support, and more for the new COSMIC DE.


"Powering On" Explained

What happens from boot to login? Demystifying the Linux boot process.


What is our QA Process?

Walking you through our testing process before releasing a new product.