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Launch Keyboards

Launch Configurable Keyboards are engineered to be comfortable, fully customizable, and make your workflow more efficient.

  • Optional SuperSpeed USB Hub
  • Linux, Windows and macOS compatible
  • 100% Open Source
  • Made in Colorado
Hero thumbnail background image
Tilted front view of Launch Family of Keyboards: Launch, Launch Heavy, Launch Lite
  • Optional SuperSpeed USB Hub
  • Linux, Windows and macOS compatible
  • 100% Open Source
  • Made in Colorado
The Launch keyboard layout mainly differs from other keyboards in the arrangement of the bottom row keys, from left to right: Ctrl, Alt, Fn, Super, the split spacebar, Ctrl, Alt, Fn.

Layout and Ergonomics

A wide swath of customization options makes Launch flexible to your needs. The keyboard’s thoughtful design keeps everything within reach, vastly reducing awkward hand contortions.

Comfort at Home

Maximum configurability ensures your hands can operate entirely from home row while your fingers rest on soft, textured keys.

A person typing on the keyboard while their hands stay on the home row.

Split Space Bar

Bring important keys like Bksp, Shift, or Fn to your Space Bar for quick and comfortable thumb access—without altering your existing habits.

A person’s right hand resting on the keyboard, their thumb on the right Space bar, other fingers on the home row.

Closer Clicking

With a tenkeyless (TKL) layout, your mouse is only a short hand movement away. You know… just in case you miss each other.

The mouse, in very close proximity to someone's right hand on the arrow keys.

Personalize Your workflow

Place control back into your hands. Remap keys, swap keycaps, and configure multiple layers to your liking. Launch uses only three keycap sizes to vastly expand your configuration options.

Get Configurator

Remap and Travel

Seamlessly adjust the layout with the Keyboard Configurator application. Because changes are saved to the keyboard’s firmware, you can use your custom layout at any workstation.

A person typing on the keyboard that is plugged into the laptop.

Simple Swapping

Included key puller makes it easy to pop and place keys where you want them. Extra keycaps are provided in different sizes, contours, and red and blue accent colors.

Additional keycaps and a key puller.

Multilayer Functionality

Use four layers for personalized application shortcuts, adjusting hardware functions, non-QWERTY layouts, and more.

Keymap tab in the Keyboard Configurator application where one can remap the keys.

Choose Your Launch

A top-down view of the Launch Lite, a keyboard with a powder-coated black aluminum chassis and tactile key cap.

Launch Lite

  • Single USB C Input
  • 70 keys
  • Dimensions 12.14" x 4.22" x 1.21"
    (308.3mm x 107.1mm x 30.6mm)
  • Weight 1.8 lbs (816.46g)
A top-down view of the Launch, a keyboard with a powder-coated black aluminum chassis and tactile key cap.


  • SuperSpeed 4 Port USB Hub
  • 84 keys including function row
  • Dimensions 12.14″ × 5.32″ × 1.21″
    (308.3mm x 135.1mm x 30.6mm)
  • Weight 2.09 lbs (948g)
A top-down view of the Launch Heavy, a keyboard with a powder-coated black aluminum chassis and tactile key cap.

Launch Heavy

  • SuperSpeed 4 Port USB Hub
  • 105 keys including function row
  • Dimensions 15.51" x 5.32" x 1.19"
    (394mm x 135.1mm x 30.3mm)
  • Weight 2.8 lbs (1315.42g)


In addition to the central USB-C port for connecting to your system, Launch features two superspeed USB-C and USB-A ports. Transfer 1TB of video footage in 15 minutes, compared to 5 hours on other keyboards.*

*Feature available for Launch Keyboard model only. For maximum transfer speed, Launch must be plugged into a USB 3.2 Gen 1 port on your computer with included USB 3.1 cable. Estimate based on maximum potential data transfer speed

USB-A and USB-C ports on the back of the Launch keyboard.

Handcrafted in Denver

Launch features a chassis milled out of a solid block of aluminum, as well as a custom PCB (printed circuit board). It’s designed, engineered, and manufactured in Denver by a team of very particular keyboard nerds. After testing various configurations, they enjoyed and approved the final product unanimously.


Pleasing Switches

Choose your sound to best fit your work environment. Royal switches are bold and tactile, while Jade switches produce an addictive click. For a stealthier, more call-friendly experience, enjoy the light skittering of Silent Brown switches or the delicate pitter-patter of Silent Pink switches.

Royal, Jade, and Silent Brown tactile switches feature a light bump that feels satisfying to the finger when the key is pressed. Silent Pinks, on the other hand, are linear; they lack that bump, meaning the press is smoother as your finger won't feel resistance from the key. (35g of force compared to 50g for Silent Browns, 70g for Jades, and 75g for Royals.)



Kailh Box Royal Switch with purple top.


Kailh Box Jade Switch with green top.


silent brown switch for launch keyboard


silent pink switch for launch keyboard

Soothing LEDs

Cycle through various light patterns and a large RGB color spectrum. Stare too long, however, and you’ll succumb to the hypnotic trance of the gentle glow.

Inert Design

Solid milled aluminum and rubber feet stabilize the chassis and prevent it from moving around on your desk. Type flat or add the magnetic foot for a 15-degree incline.

Magnetic lift attached to the Launch keyboard.

100% Open Source

Launch is our first product compatible with Linux, Windows, and macOS. In keeping with our ethos, design files are readily available for anyone to view, learn from, and modify. The accompanying software configurator has also been made public.

Launch’s firmware is based on open source QMK firmware. Updates can only be initiated by the user, and are available through Pop!_OS firmware settings and LVFS. When your firmware is updated, your keyboard LEDs will flash U-N-L-O-C-K-E-D, notifying you that the firmware is being changed.

A view from behind the keyboard with rainbow LEDs turned on.


Launch works with Pop!_OS Keyboard Navigation to launch applications, organize tiled windows and workspaces, browse the web, and more, all without touching your mouse. The configurator application enables you to mold your layout around your workflow for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Front-facing 27 inches1440p IPS monitor displaying Pop!_OS.

Launch Lite Keyboard


Tech Specs


System76 Open Source milled chassis design

Detachable lift bar to adjust keyboard angle by 15 degrees


System76 Open Source PCB design

Individually addressable RGB LED back-lighting

N-Key Rollover

Sockets and Switches

Kailh MX Hotswap Sockets

Kailh Box Jade, Royal, Silent Pink or Silent Brown Switches

Key Caps

PBT plastic

Dye sublimated legend

XDA profile



Custom Configurations

Customize layout and lighting in firmware with the System76 Keyboard Configurator

Available on Linux, Windows, and macOS


Type USB-C 2.0


System76 Open Source QMK Firmware


Wired, with detachable USB cable (USB-C to USB-C and USB-A to USB-C cables included)


12.14" x 4.22" x 1.21" (308.3mm x 107.1mm x 30.6mm)


1.8 lbs (816.46g)



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