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Launch keyboard background hero
Launch Keyboard

Dear Launch,

I found out I’ve missed so much,
The day I felt your textured touch.

Your LEDs with rainbow shimmer
Smile to me with eyes a-glimmer.

Your twinkling, smooth aluminum face
Firmly nests in my embrace.

Your many layers, one through four;
Flexibility I adore.

Your endless swath of keys to bind
Always keep my needs in mind.

Your firmware open, and secure;
All shall witness your allure.

Your extra keys, red brown and blue;
There’s only one keyboard for me: It’s you.

A mouse

Goodbye, Mouse.
Auf Wiedersehen, bulky Space Bar.
See ya, Caps Lock.

The fully remappable Launch Configurable Keyboard is coming.

Tech Specs


System76 Open Source milled chassis design

Detachable lift bar to adjust keyboard angle by 15 degrees


System76 Open Source PCB design

Individually addressable RGB LED backlighting

N-Key Rollover

Sockets and Switches

Kailh MX Hotswap Sockets

Kailh Box Jade or Kailh Box Royal Switches

Key Caps

PBT plastic

Dye sublimated legend

XDA profile



Custom Configurations

Customize layout and lighting in firmware with the System76 Keyboard Configurator

Coming to Linux, Windows, and macOS

Integrated Hub

2 × USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type C (Up to 10 Gbps)

2 × USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type A (Up to 10 Gbps)


System76 Open Source QMK Firmware


Wired, with detachable USB cable (USB-C to USB-C and USB-A to USB-C cables included)