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Who is System76?

A) a diverse team of creators, makers, and builders

B) a small company innovating the next big things

C) a group of extremely hard-core nerds

D) all of the above

Carl Carl


President of Absolutely Everything

Carl is a star gazing dreamer who’s still saving for a flight into space and assumes anything is possible even when it’s ridiculously difficult.

He started this crazy train so it’s really his fault we’re constantly doing all of this mind-blowing ****.

Aaron Aaron


Support Super Hero

Aaron is an active Kubuntu Community and Ubuntu Community Council member, skilled with helping customers solve any type of technical support issue. This nerdy human loves all things Google and any new geeky gadgets he can get his hands on. If you need help, just say “Ok Aaron” and your request is his command.

Benjamin Benjamin


QA Wizard

Ben really doesn’t like bugs, not in his beer, not in his bed, and especially not in his software/hardware. He is determined to find and exterminate ALL THE BUGS! He moved across the country to surround himself with like-minded Linux lovers. It’s just an added bonus that there’s really great beer to drink while rooting for the Hokies from afar.

Björn Björn


SR. VP, Operations & HR

Björn has found the complete answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything: it’s skiing, on a 42 degree slope. He obsessively checks weather reports throughout ski season. Summer makes him sad.

On weekdays, he keeps everything in the office running flawlessly.

Emma Emma


Customer Happiness Manager

Emma is a friendly, passionate Linux fanatic motivated first and foremost by helping our consumers find their perfect System76 machine. She has a long-standing addiction devotion to the color pink and her favorite things include kittens, pizza, and classic arcade games.

Ian Ian


RAD Technician

After several years of assisting and problem-solving for our customers, Ian transitioned to Research and Development. He loves his job even more than the breakfast burritos from the food truck around the corner which is objectively and undeniably better than the one on the opposite corner in every way, don’t even lie.

Jeremy Jeremy


Engineering Manager

A recovering low-level black hat hacker, he ensures our hardware works flawlessly with the Linux kernel and our OS.

He spends most of his free time programming, with interludes for science fiction and video games. A Rust fanatic, he believes microkernels like Redox are the future, despite all evidence to the contrary.

John John


Product Design Engineer

John has been actively taking everything apart for as long as he can remember so helping to steer the design and development of new products at our manufacturing facility is the perfect fit for this problem-solving wiz-kid. When John isn’t thinking of things to build he spends his time traveling, riding bikes, and skiing.

Kate Kate


Prime Creative

Kate took System76’s base logo and transmuted it into a luminous brand. Hired for her obvious appreciation of science fiction, pop culture nerdery, and robots, this dedicated ideator and wordsmith makes sure our brand voice stays firmly off the cuff. She believes beauty will save the world.

Matt Matt


Accounting for Everything

Part-time bookkeeper, full-time ragamuffin, Matt has been counting beans and taking names for over a decade in the Mile High City. Already a Linux (Fedora) user, he fit right in with the System76 mission to bring superior open source software to the masses, which is a fancy way of saying he’s also a nerd.

May May


Baroness of Buying

May is our resident shopaholic. Thankfully, it’s her job, so we haven’t seen a need for an intervention yet. Once she’s done acquiring all the things, our Commander of Chaos keeps them organized by any means necessary. May also enjoys spicy food, reading new books, spicy food, traveling, and you got the part about spicy food, right?

Michael Michael


Protector of the Realm

A reformed gardener and cyclist, he’s now all programmer, all the time. His high functioning autism compliments his high functioning passion for the work. By day he maintains the peace within Pop!_OS, by night he is a paladin for Redox, rewriting the world in Rust.

Michael is our hero and likely yours too.

Sam Sam


VP Sales & Business Development

Sam works hard and plays harder. If he’s not in the office selling brilliant computers to System76’s awesome commercial customers, he’s probably skiing. His passion for the sport is rivaled only by that of Björn and perhaps the country of Slovenia (to which we now ship, thanks to him!).

Zooey Zooey


Pawsident of Consumer Testing

Zooey is the small, fluffy version of a schoolyard bully shaking you down for your lunch money. She shows no desire for developing in-office relationships…though we think she has a thing for John. The embodiment of “You are what you eat,” Zooey is a treat to have around the office. Especially when she poison-tests our food after we take our first bite.

Who is System76?

  • A) a diverse team of creators, makers, and builders
  • B) a small company innovating the next big things
  • C) a group of extremely hard-core nerds
  • D) all of the above