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Build Nebula and take flight with a mini tower PC case born from Thelio engineering. Its small form factor leaves a footprint about the size of a sheet of paper. Includes CPU exhaust duct, drive screw storage, power PCB, and swappable Cosmic Explorer accent panel.

UPGRADES: Recommended Noctua NH-U9S Air Cooler and BeQuiet 120mm GPU Intake Fan upgrades provide the best cooling for this case. Dual Drive SATA Backplane enables hot-swap storage for 2.5” drives.

Specifications and assembly

How many?

Motherboard Compatibility: Mini ITX

Case Dimensions: 12.87″ H × 8.15″ W × 11.46″ D (327 × 207 × 291mm), 19 Liters

Max Air Cooler Dimensions: 125mm H (148mm H w/o duct) × 95mm W × 68mm D’

Liquid Cooler Compatibility: Not supported.

GPU Length: 274mm recommended, 280mm clearance

Max PSU Dimensions: 111.5mm L × 66mm H × 134mm W

Storage Capacity: 2 (two) 2.5” drives

Case Top IO: USB Type A, USB Type C, Mic In, Headphone Out

Case Material: Powder coated 1.6MM 5052 H32 aluminum with laser etching

Made in the USA