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Time Service

Network Time Security

Network Time Security (NTS) is an important security upgrade to the Network Time Protocol (NTP) that most computers use to set their clocks. It eliminates the possibility of security and denial-of-service issues caused by someone remotely tampering with the time on your system.

System76 is proud to offer three NTS-enabled NTP servers located in the USA and free to use anywhere in the world.



Pop!_OS Configuration

It's easy to set up Pop!_OS to use these servers to secure your system's time.

Install chrony

sudo apt install chrony

Update the config file

# /etc/chrony/chrony.conf
# remove all the lines starting with 'pool' and add the following entries in their place
server iburst nts
server iburst nts
server iburst nts

Restart chrony

sudo systemctl restart chrony

And you're all set!

To confirm that you're connected to the servers and using NTS, you can use the following two commands.

chronyc sources -v
sudo chronyc authdata -v