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Ideas Made Real

System76 celebrates STEM fields

We are driven by curiosity; driven to inspire and empower the creators of tomorrow. Each day we learn how our users are making things that improve the world. As science, technology, engineering, and math advance, it becomes more important to seek out and encourage the fascination to imagine, discover, and create world solutions.

We set forth on a mission to inspire people to pursue STEM fields and convey a message that their ideas can be brought to life: Ideas made real.

We believe in the power of creating together. On July 24, System76 and friends came together to build a public art display that captured curiosity. A 3-week process that in the end asks the question: What will you make?

Dancer being painted for the STEM event

Are you the future of science?

Painted dancer blending into the 'Are you the future of Science?' panel Black and white photo of the dancer getting painted

I estimate the strength of magnetic fields at the surface of young stars.

Side view of the dancer blending into the Science panel
Painted dancer dancing in the street in front of the STEM panels
All four painted dancers dancing in front of the Math and Engineering panels

I do quantum chemistry.

Action shot of the Science dancer in motion in front of her panel
Technology dancer getting her face painted

Are you the new face of technology?

Technology dancer posing for a photo Technology dancer in Arabesque in the street in front of the panels
Technology dancer blending into the 'Are you the new face of technology?' panel

I use Ubuntu to develop intelligent cameras.

Technology and engineering dancers dancing in the streen in front of the math and engineering panels
Technology dancer doing a backwards bend in front of the engineering and science panels

I model the evolution of populations in atomic hyperfine energy levels.

Black and white photo of the technology dancer pirouetting in front of the math panel
Engineering dancer with hands above head in excitement

How would you engineer the future?

Engineering dancer miming in front of the mathematics panel Unpainted Engeineering dancer with wide eyes Painted Engineering dancer freestyle dancing in front of the 'How you woud engineer the future?' panel

I use Ubuntu to design machines for cancer tissue indentification.

Painted Engineering dancer blending into the 'How would you engineer the future?' panel Engineering dancer crouched down dancing in front of the panels

I use Ubuntu to build an embedded HTTP server and client library.

Is mathematics your artistic expression?

I created a simulation of a soda pouring fourbar mechanism.

I use Ubuntu to solve combinatorial optimization problems.

Are you the future?

Thanks to Robert A. Rice Photography for taking photos.