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A powerful Operating System just for creators


Beautiful. Modern. Powerful.

Pop!_OS is designed for people who use their computer to create; whether it’s complicated, professional grade software and products, sophisticated 3D models, computer science in academia, or makers working on their latest invention. The Pop user interface stays out of the way while offering extensive customization to perfect your work flow. Built on Ubuntu, you have access to vast repositories of open source software and development tools.

Pop!_OS’s first release is October 19, 2017, but hit the button and you can check out Pop!_OS Alpha now!

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Filesize: 1.51 GB

SHA256 sum: 702218ec821651312ec8b244a315c1c44b7832eea0913743ed5ca0feec734921

Requirements: 2 GB RAM, 16 GB storage, 64-bit processor

Read the documentation at pop.system76.com/​docs

Join the discussion at reddit.com/​r​/​pop_os

Chat with the community at chat.pop-os.org

File bugs and feature requests at github.com/​system76/​pop-distro

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