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Bonobo WS
Back to School 2020

4 out of 5 artificial doctors recommend creating more artificial doctors using the Bonobo WS. Its desktop-caliber components are perfect for teaching your doctor the intricacies of modern medicine. Don’t forget about bedside manner!

Launch into learning with up to $403 off Bonobo WS. The more you upgrade, the more you save!

Feature image for Bonobo WS

  • Up to the RTX 2080 Super Desktop GPU
  • 10th Gen Intel Core Desktop processors
  • Up to 128GB of Memory
  • Up to 24TB NVMe Storage
  • 17” 1080p or 4K Display

Graphics Surge

Never be underestimated. With up to an RTX 2080 Super GPU, the Bonobo WS holds insane desktop power inside a laptop. Process thousands of polygons and run complex simulations in mere moments, then present your prowess at the next conference.

Comparing the time two GPUs took to render 1 frame
Blender rendered scene with overlayed bar graph indicating that the GeForce RTX 2080 Super GPU took 25.56 seconds, while the GeForce RTX 2070 GPU took 40.40 seconds
How much time can one save on a 24 fps animation with GeForce RTX 2080 Super GPU?
Animated infographic showing that one can save 59.4 hours on a 10-minute animationAnimated infographic showing that one can save 59.4 hours on a 10-minute animationAnimated infographic showing that one can save 59.4 hours on a 10-minute animation
Bonobo rendering multimedia content

Render Rapture

Snap your scene into existence. Arm your gauntlet with up to a 10th Gen Intel Core i9 Desktop processor and 128GB of memory.

Lighten The Load

NVMe M.2 storage takes advantage of your PCI lanes, resulting in fast load times and a fluid OS experience. Accommodate larger files on up to 3 separate drives totaling 24TB in NVMe storage.

Weather patterns
Bonobo WS unleash your potential

The Full 4K experience

Visualize success in 1080p or 4K on a 17.3” matte display. Pair your 4K display with a high-powered RTX 20-Series GPU for the smoothest, sharpest feel.

Bonobo WS alternative angle
close up look at the Coreboot chip

Open Source Firmware

System76 Open Firmware and NVIDIA GPUs take you full speed ahead with minuscule boot times and intense graphics power.

Meanwhile, System76 Embedded Controller Firmware grants you access and control over important functionality such as your keyboard, fans, and battery.

Keyboard view for Bonobo WS Left side ports for Bonobo WS Right side ports for Bonobo WS
Back view for Bonobo WS
Left side ports for Bonobo WS Keyboard view for Bonobo WS Right side ports for Bonobo WS Back view for Bonobo WS

Tech Specs

Operating System

Pop!_OS 20.04 LTS (64-bit) or Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (64-bit)


System76 Open Firmware (coreboot, EDK2, System76 Firmware Apps)

System76 Open Source Embedded Controller Firmware


10th Gen Intel® Core i5-10600k: 4.10 up to 4.8 GHz - 12MB Cache - 6 Cores - 12 Threads

10th Gen Intel® Core i7-10700k: 3.8 up to 5.1 GHz - 16MB Cache - 8 Cores - 16 Threads

10th Gen Intel® Core i9-10900k: 3.7 up to 5.3 GHz - 20MB Cache - 10 Cores - 20 Threads


17.3” 144Hz Full HD (1920x1080) Matte Display

17.3” 4K UHD (3840x2160) Matte Display


NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, RTX 2070 SUPER, or RTX 2080 SUPER


Up to 128 GB of 3200MHz quad-channel DDR4


4 x M.2 (2 x PCIe/SATA + 1 x PCIe + 1 x SATA), Up to 26 TB total


1 x USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 / Thunderbolt™ 3 Port (Type-C), 3 x USB 3.2 Gen 2 (Type-A), MicroSD Card Reader


Multitouch Touchpad, N-Key Rollover RGB Per Key Illuminated Chiclet US QWERTY Keyboard


Gigabit Ethernet, Intel® Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 AX + Bluetooth

Video Ports

1 x HDMI (w/HDCP), 2 x Mini DisplayPort (1.4), 1 x DisplayPort (1.4) over USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C


Stereo Speakers + Subwoofer, 2-in-1 Audio Jack (Microphone / S/PDIF Optical Output), 2-in-1 Audio Jack (Headphone / Microphone)


1.0M HD Video Camera (1280x720)


Disabled ME, Kensington® Lock


Removable 8 cell Smart Lithium-Ion battery pack 97Wh


Dual Full Range 280W AC Adapter, AC-in 100~240V, 50~60Hz, DC output 20V, 14A


(Height × Width × Depth):

1.71" x 15.71" x 12.56" (43.43 x 399.03 x 319.02 mm)


8.38 lbs (3.80 kg)

Base weight. Varies on configuration