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Lemur Pro laptop opened surrounded by a space landscape. A futuristic spaceship initiates hyper speed into it's screen towards a distant star.

Ultraportable Laptops

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Back to School Sale

Get $100 off the Lemur Pro thru August 2nd.

Purpose Unfolds

Master your passions on a Linux machine that’s ready for the road ahead. Drive wonder to new discoveries in space, cyberspace, or from anywhere on Earth.

Lemur Pro laptop quarter-turned right with coreboot

Lemur Pro 14"

Best battery life!

Notable features:

  • Up to 14 hours of battery life
  • Thinnest laptop
  • 2.2 lbs
  • 16:10 screen ratio (1200p)
  • Opens to 180°



$100 off!

Darter Pro laptop quarter-turned right with coreboot

Darter Pro 14" or 16"

Best screen real estate!

Notable features: 

  • Best Speakers
  • Integrated Intel Arc graphics
  • Silver aesthetic
  • H-class CPU
Pangolin AMD Laptop quarter-turned to the right with a Pop!_OS wallpaper.

Pangolin 16"

Best integrated graphics!

Notable features:

  • Fast AMD CPU
  • Best integrated graphics
  • Camera privacy switch
  • Quick storage access
Customer quote over a space background that reads, "Your team, your products, and your customer care are awesome. I doubt any of the big names can do as well. Given the choice, System76 wins."

Compare at a Glance

Comparison grid of System76 of ultraportable laptops



We engineer Pop!_OS with convenient, easy-to-learn tools to help you do what you do best.


Stack apps together like tabs in a web browser.


Make newly opened windows arrange themselves automatically.


Keep your eyes on the prize with clutter hidden in a separate workspace.

Built for mobility

Own Your Data

Pop!_OS collects zero user data. Your system is yours to do what you please.

Encryption Out Of The Box

Pop!_OS encrypts your installation by default. A unique private encryption key is generated during setup after you receive your computer. Only you hold this key.

The Tinkerer's Failsafe

Pop!_OS’s recovery partition includes a Refresh OS feature, which reinstalls your OS while preserving data saved to your Home folder.

Swappable storage

System76 powerful laptops support up to 8TB of storage (up to 12TB on the Bonobo WS). Tech docs include instructions on how to swap in a new drive.

Upgrade whenever. repair as needed. we'll even show you how.

Ready to let your purpose unfold?

Our goal is to help you find the right machine for the job. Let us know if you have any questions!