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Ultraportable Laptops

Achieve true independence on an ultraportable laptop from System76. With substantial power, battery, and ports, you control your schedule — and when to return home.

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Get a free backpack with your Pangolin or Lemur Pro thru November 28th! Backpack ships separately mid-January.

Meet the Ultraportable Laptops

Galago Pro laptop quarter-turned right with coreboot and Tux the penguin with a santa hat as a wallpaper

Galago Pro 14"

Most powerful CPU!

Notable features:

  • Slate blue color
  • 14-core CPU
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • Most ports including SD card reader

Lemur Pro 14"

Most battery life!

Notable features:

  • Lightest laptop
  • Thinnest build
  • 13th gen Intel CPUs
  • 180° hinge


Free Laptop Bag with Purchase!

Darter Pro laptop quarter-turned right with coreboot and Tux the penguin with a santa hat as a wallpaper

Darter Pro 15"

Most premium build!

Notable features: 

  • Compact 15"
  • 12-Core CPU
  • 96GB DDR5 RAM maximum
  • Most ports including microSD reader

Pangolin 15"

Best graphics!

Notable features:

  • Best integrated graphics
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • Camera privacy switch
  • Quick storage access


Free Laptop Bag with Purchase!

Compare at a Glance

Comparison grid of System76 of ultraportable laptops

Benefits of a System76 Ultraportable Laptop

A man sits at a table using the Pangolin and passersby admire his laptop

Work Untethered

When you’re creating something exciting, you’re always on the move: on-site, between classes, in the field, on the train, away from it all. Wherever you end up, rely on workday battery to keep you moving forward. Lemur Pro is our longest-lasting laptop at 14 hours of battery life.


System76 ultraportable laptops fit high performance into a thin, lightweight body to reduce the toll on yours. Up to 14 CPU cores, 96GB max memory, and PCIe 4.0 storage in a sub-4 pound laptop help you carry the team comfortably on your back. Choose the Pangolin for up to 16TB storage. Lemur Pro is one of the lightest in its class at 2.54 lbs. Choose either for fast DDR5 memory.

A person storing their Pangolin laptop in the System76 messenger bag.
A person using the Galago Pro to connect to a server via Ethernet.


Prepare yourself for the road ahead. Connect USB-A, USB-C, Thunderbolt, HDMI, headset, SD or MicroSD, Gigabit Ethernet, and no dongles. When you’re back at home base, use a single USB-C cord as a dock to both charge your laptop and connect to an external display. The Pangolin includes a privacy switch that blocks the camera from receiving power.


System76 uses matte displays to protect your vision against glare. Immerse yourself in your new RPG with a 144Hz refresh rate on the Pangolin or Galago Pro. The Pangolin also features integrated Ryzen graphics for those beautiful shaders and textures.


Black magnesium alloy gives your laptop a tough, impact-resistant exterior. Choose the Galago Pro for a slate blue aluminum alloy. Work flexibly in a lab or production environment with the Lemur Pro’s 180° hinge.