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Serval WS laptop opens with a futuristic spaceship launching from the screen with a "Powerful Laptops" header.

Powerful Laptops

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Ambition Unfolds

Accelerate progress on a Linux machine as powerful as your ambition. Join countless minds in creating a brighter future from the lab, studio, or virtual world.

Adder WS laptop with coreboot quarter-turned to the right

Adder WS 15"

Most affordable high-end performance!

Notable features:

  • 24-core CPU
  • NVIDIA 40-Series
  • DDR5 RAM
  • High storage capacity
  • PCIe 4.0 SSDs
System76 Oryx Pro 16:10 quarter-turned right

Oryx Pro 16"

Largest screen ratio!

Notable features:

  • 16:10 screen ratio
  • 16” 1200p display
  • HX-class CPU
  • 2.5GbE Ethernet
System76 Serval WS laptop quarter-turned right.

Serval WS 15" or 17"

Most affordable 4K display!

Notable features:

  • Fast USB speeds
  • Premium build
  • 165Hz refresh rate (15”)
  • 2K or 4K display (17”)
System76 Bonobo WS quarter-turned right

Bonobo WS 17"

Most powerful!

Notable features:

  • NVIDIA RTX 4080 or 4090
  • 2K 240Hz or 4K 144Hz display
  • Massive trackpad

Compare at a Glance

Comparison grid of System76 of powerful laptops


A grid of just some of the compatible software including TensorFlow, PsyTorch, Jupyter, Matlab, Caffe, KiCad, Postman, ROS, Visual Studio Code, andriod studio, Blender, Lightworkds, OBS Studio, Inkscape, DaVinci Resolve, R, Bioconductor, Bioconda, UniProt and biopython.


Pop!_OS works in harmony with your laptop to provide the best performance possible.

Tensorflow Toolchain Management

Manage multiple versions of Tensorflow simultaneously with Tensorman. It also replaces common Tensorflow commands with condensed commands that are easier to memorize.

Tasks Prioritized

The System76 Scheduler dedicates more CPU resources to the window you’re actively working in.

Performance Mode

Prioritize performance over fan noise, and march onward loud and proud.

Built for Intense Workloads

Own Your Data

Pop!_OS collects zero user data. Your system is yours to do what you please.

Encryption Out Of The Box

Pop!_OS encrypts your installation by default. A unique private encryption key is generated during setup after you receive your computer. Only you hold this key.

The Tinkerer's Failsafe

Pop!_OS’s recovery partition includes a Refresh OS feature, which reinstalls your OS while preserving data saved to your Home folder.

Swappable storage

System76 powerful laptops support up to 8TB of storage (up to 12TB on the Bonobo WS). Tech docs include instructions on how to swap in a new drive.

Upgrade whenever. repair as needed. we'll even show you how.


Our goal is to help you find the right machine for the job. Let us know if you have any questions!