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AI Workstations

System76 AI machines combine the fastest hardware, optimized thermals, and top-tier support, empowering professionals to explore the future of AI. For a PC that best meets your price and performance needs, our Sales Team can help.

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Thelio Mega desktop without the chassis, showing internal components nicely organized.


Price per performance

Our thermal engineering gets you access to every last core of performance. We optimize airflows and fan curves uniquely for each case to allow your most powerful components to perform to their maximum potential. Rather than relying on resources across a number of cloud servers, run tasks faster with all processes running on the same system.

Hardware longevity

Set up your machine in minutes to last you a lifetime. Our systems come with NVIDIA drivers preinstalled, expandable internals, and in-depth documentation. Lifetime support from in-house experts helps your system remain in service for years after the life of a grant — no tiers, no generic checklists.

Timeline-saving convenience

Our machines and the Ubuntu-based Pop!_OS are made to empower your fastest workflow. Quickly personalize essential defaults on install. Manage multiple Tensorflow toolchains with condensed commands using Tensorman. You decide when to update, whether initiating manually or automatically on your schedule.

Compatible with

Logos of programs compatible System76 computers including: Tensorflow, Determined AI, Jupyter, PyTorch, Trident, Onnx, Matlab, Slurm Workload Manager, DeepSpeed, TVM, CUDNN, NVIDIA, Docker, CuPy, AMD ROCm, Mlflow
a screenshot from the Pop! operating system featuring several windows tiled and the Pop_OS logo overlayed on top of the screenshot.

Pop!_OS Delivers

As a computer manufacturer, we prioritize hardware compatibility and NVIDIA graphics driver testing to provide a smooth experience. Pop!_OS is designed to maximize your productivity with easy-to-learn shortcuts that power your desktop, including features like Auto-tiling and universal search via the launcher. Any software supported in Ubuntu is also supported in Pop!_OS, including essential tools such as Jupyter, PyTorch, and MATLAB.

Command line screen that doesn't use Tensorman, which is very long compared to the command line screen that uses Tensorman which is very short

What Is Tensorman?

We created a tool called Tensorman for managing your Tensorflow toolchain in Docker. Tensorman enables you to easily work with multiple versions of Tensorflow, and condenses Tensorflow commands in Docker down to a single command line.


Thelio desktops are engineered with custom fan curves, case-specific airflow, and a phase-change cooling method to exhaust heat effectively, giving you sustained access to every last core of performance. These workstations were made for AI, machine learning, deep learning, and reinforcement learning professionals to elevate their research capabilities.

Thelio Mega lifestyle with a computer sitting on a desk with Launch Keyboard, mouse, and monitor with several windows tiled using Pop!_OS.
System76 Technical Documentation window for the Thelio Mega computer gives instructions on how to remove the top case, next to the render of a Thelio Mega computer with internal components floating out of the machine.

Take Advantage of Expandability

Fully serviceable open source hardware allows you to upgrade your components at any time. Thelio desktops are pre-wired for upgrades, and store screws in the chassis frame for additional hot-swap storage drives. System76 includes comprehensive upgrade guides for all of our products, and offers lifetime support with real humans should you need a helping hand.

Thelio Major with walnut accent turned quarter to the right

Thelio Major

  • Single-GPU Workstation
  • AMD Threadripper 7000 Series CPUs
  • Up to NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada graphics
  • Up to 48GB VRAM
  • Up to 512GB ECC DDR5 memory
  • Up to 4TB OS drive (40TB total storage)


Progress away from your desk or collaborate with colleagues in another lab. Configure an AI laptop with NVIDIA RTX 40 Series GPUs for the fastest possible model training performance on the go. Easy installation paired with powerful computing makes System76 computers a perfect fit for new hires.

System76 laptop on a desk with duel monitor in an office
Pop!_OS Drive Encryption window during the installation process. A disguised person in sunglasses peers over the window anonymously

Secure Peace of Mind

Pop!_OS collects no user data and provides full-disk encryption out of the box on System76 hardware. Only you hold the key to your computer. Laptops with System76 Open Firmware include a firmware security system that sets the SoC and EC firmware read-only at runtime. To ensure your firmware can't be tampered with remotely, unlocking the firmware for upgrades requires entering a secure, randomly generated number visible on-screen before the firmware upgrade.

System76 Serval WS laptop quarter-turned right.

Serval WS 15" or 17"

  • Visualization and Large Image Sets
  • 14th Gen Intel i9-14900X CPU
  • Up to NVIDIA RTX 4070 graphics
  • Up to 8GB VRAM
  • Up to 96GB of memory
  • Up to 4TB OS drive (8TB total storage)


14th Gen Intel

System76 Bonobo WS quarter-turned right

Bonobo WS 17"

  • Deep Learning Simulation
  • 14th Gen Intel i9-14900HX CPU
  • NVIDIA RTX 4080 or 4090 graphics
  • Up to 16GB VRAM
  • Up to 96GB of memory
  • Up to 4TB OS drive (12TB total storage)


14th Gen Intel


Manage, store, and compute all on-site with your own power cluster built from System76 deep learning servers. Easily access RAID data storage to help front-load application data. Increase capacity as you grow with AMD EPYC 9004 or 4th Gen Intel Xeon processors, matched with up to 10 NVIDIA Quadro or Tesla GPUs. Ibex GPU servers are upgradeable with up to 2TB of memory, 128 CPU threads, and 25-Gigabit network connection.

A System76 server in a server rack


For a PC that best meets your price and performance needs, our Sales Team can help. If you're an education institution, you may qualify for discounts on desktops and servers with NVIDIA GPUs.