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Parrot Party
Do it yourself customizable parrot party

Get the party started IRL with these simple instructions!


  • Functional printer
  • parrot-party-head.jpg
  • Printer paper
  • Forms of adhesive (e.g. glue, tape)
  • Scissors that will cut paper well
  • Coloring implements
  • Glitter/confetti (optional)
  • A stick of some kind

Gathering Components

  1. Using the printer and paper, print out the parrot head. If you didn't see it in the materials list, click here.

  2. Just make sure you have scissors that are sharp enough to cut paper without crinkling it like the scissors they give to small children. You'll probably cut yourself on the paper before the scissors ever pose a threat.

  3. With your working scissors, carefully cut out the parrot head, cutting along the outside of the thick black line. Not inside. You want a nice edge. Contour lines are good.

  4. Did you find a glue stick? Or some spray adhesive? You're going to need that soon. At least grab some tape.

  5. And a stick. You'll need a stick. A spare ruler, a paint stirrer, dowel rod, a random paintbush you have in a drawer somewhere. All of these will work.

Modifying Components

  1. Using your coloring implements, color in your parrot head. Scribble with markers. Mix paints. Experiment with pointillism, if you have that kind of time. Make it POP.

  2. Are you a fan of glitter or confetti? Get out some glue or spray adhesive and apply some to your parrot head, wherever you think it needs some sparkle. Minimalism is nice. So is extravagance. Apply accordingly. Let dry.

  3. Ok, we're coming up on the part where you need a stick. Hopefully, you've located one already.

Compile and Commit

  1. Assuming your parrot is dry, turn it over, decorated side down. (HERE COMES THE PART WITH THE STICK.)

  2. Glue or tape the stick to the back of your decorated parrot head. Make sure it's secure. Let it dry again, if needed.

  3. Wave it around to test it out. Did it hold together? If so, move onto the next step! If not, repeat step B.

  4. You are now equipped to Parrot Party. Snap a selfie of your project and send it to everyone you want to challenge to a Party Parrot Crafting Battle. Can they top your coloring skills? Can they find a better stick? Let's see them try, as publicly as possible! Post and tag us on social media. Please. Tag us.

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