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RTX 20-Series GPUs are Here!


Retro Gaming Weekend Project

RetroPie is a collection of open source software for emulating retro games.

NVIDIA and System76 Collaborate on Patches

System76's engineering team worked closely with NVIDIA to provide patches to the 375.26 driver

3D Printing Robots with Kids

For back to school, we asked kids to tell us all about their dream robot. Learn step by step instructions on how to digitally assemble, 3D print, and build your own toy robot.

Revolutist76 4th of July Campaign

System76 celebrates the 4th of July sale and release of Pop!_OS with a V for Vendetta themed specials page and companion videos.

Entering Phase Three

System76 discusses moving production design and manufacturing in house.

Making Ubuntu Pop

With news that Ubuntu will be dropping Unity, System76 looks at how to provide an incredible experience to our customers.

Superfan 2017: Legend of the Lake

Learn about the adventure our Superfans embarked on and watch reviews of the experience.

Making Videos on Linux - Linux Gamer

A guest post from The Linux Gamer dives into producing vieos using Linux tools.

Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day with 3 Awesome Women

Meet some awesome women who are making waves in Linux and beyond.

Great Open Source Apps on Ubuntu

We asked our followers to share their favorite open source apps and the results are in.


Download the app. Disable the robots. Save (part of) the world.

System76 Provides Wireless Fixes for Ubiquity (Ubuntu Installer)

System76's engineering team has been busy fixing bugs with wireless that show up during Ubuntu installation.

Ars Technica Oryx Pro Review

Ars technica writes a hearty review of the Oryx Pro. Great graphics, great keyboard, and extreme power.

All About Tribble

Delivering Fresh Ubuntu to Your Doorstep; Jason DeRose’s presentation from All Things Open.

Open Source Puzzle

System76 designed and built an open source puzzle, and now you can download the open source design! Check it out on our Ubuntu page.

Born to Fly

Our biggest sale of 2016 featuring awe-inspiring tweets from fans and an awesome video chronicling the adventures of Tux the penguin.

AR Sandbox Project

Follow our step-by-step instructions to build an amazing augmented reality sandbox with real sand and a live-updating topographical map.

System76 shows how easy it is to use Ubuntu instead of Windows

Denver Post interviews Emma at System76 to learn how user-friendly Ubuntu is for people interested in finding an alternative to Windows or Mac.

The Linux Gamer Lemur Review

“I’ve been drooling over their website and the maxed out configurations I could create. Well, now I finally have one of their machines and I couldn’t be more excited.”

Future of Makers

'Join System76''s mission: A future we believe is led by Makers and open source. Learn why we chose Ubuntu.'

Superfan 2015 Aftermath

We flew eight superfans to the System76 headquarters to meet the team, play with tech toys, and see new products.

System76 celebrates STEM

'We set forth on a mission to inspire people to pursue STEM fields, and show them how their ideas can be brought to life: Ideas made real.'

WIRED Lemur Review

Scott Gilbertson from WIRED reviews the Lemur, our most portable laptop. See why it’s the first he’s tested that he wishes he could keep!

I am a creator

Are you a creator? Then quality matters, and only the best will do. Get to know a machine made just for you.

Minecraft Museum Hacks

The Brooks Museum builds an interactive Minecraft exhibit (powered by the Wild Dog Pro) but didn’t prepare for these hackers.

All I Need

What do you need to change the world? Only one computer and the Internet. Discover System76 laptops.

Packaging Drop Test

New 100% recyclable packaging! And since we thoroughly test everything we send out, we drop tested the new packaging too.

Consuming the Twitter

'Here are some of the gory technical details of how we did the backend for the #ubuntu76 hashtag campaign.'

Lift Off

Curtains up! Check out this fun arcade-game style video revealing the new System76 logo.

To LTS or not to LTS

Significant effort is involved in engineering every machine for both releases. Deciding to LTS or not to LTS is no simple decision.

Mainstream, Pro, & WS

'We have a new naming convention for products: Mainstream, Pro, and WS. Here’s what they mean.'

QEMU w/Ubuntu Xenial host + UEFI guest

Jason details how to run a UEFI virtual machine with QEMU on Ubuntu.

Fresh Ubuntu to Your Doorstep

When you order something from System76, it will ship with an insanely up-to-date Ubuntu install.

Meerkat Engraving

'See how we engrave the System76 logo into each and every Meerkat desktop. Spoiler: it involves lasers!'

Superfan I

1. Make something amazing. 2. Tag #system76fan and post it. 3. Win a 2-day trip to the Superfan event!

Novacut Interviews Ian Santopietro

Novacut interviews System76 Support Specialist about products, various system specs and benchmarking stats.

Novacut Interviews CEO Carl Richell

Novacut interviews System76 CEO about why he started the company and why he chose Ubuntu.

Holiday Weekend Project

Step-by-step instructions on how to make your holiday lights dance rhythmically to music with a Raspberry Pi.

TechRepublic Lemur Review

Jack Wallen unboxes the System76 Lemur and is seriously impressed with what he sees. How well does it stand up to his all time favorite laptop?

BetaNews Lemur Unboxing

Brian Fagioli unboxes the Lemur and gives a rundown of his experience with the Ubuntu laptop. Meerkat Review

“The System76 Meerkat: God of small things is a little Linux powered mini PC, capable of doing desktop grade work.” Oryx Pro Review

“This is a perfect laptop for those who want a powerhouse computer without having to deal with a bulky and messy desktop.”

BetaNews Oryx Pro Review

“Do I recommend it? Oh, hell yes. It is undoubtedly one of my favorite laptops ever. It is elegant and mature, while also looking bad-ass.”

NetworkWorld Serval WS Review

“This is, in all reality, a portable desktop computer for someone who needs extreme power and is not willing to make compromises.”

LAS Serval WS Review

The Linux Action Show goes hands on with System76's desktop dominator, the Serval WS.

LAS Leopard Extreme Review

The team over at the Linux Action Show express their love for the Leopard Extreme (2012).

SnapChick Gazelle Pro Review

SnapChick shares her thoughts on the Gazelle Professional (2012).

LAS Visits System76

“Go inside a dedicated Linux computer company, System76. We got our hands on new hardware, cool toys, and more...”

LinuxGamer Visits System76

“Visiting the headquarters where I meet CEO Carl Richell and get a tour of the company. Then I challenge him to a game of Dirt.”

It's The [System76] Culture Stupid

"This episode of Coder Radio talks all about the factory tour at System76 and Chris Fisher nails System76 culture on the head."

System76 Thelio: A Review

"Thelio, System76’s new “open hardware” desktop, is a small, beautiful, and powerful desktop computer that hits every high point anyone could have expected"

System76 joins GNOME Foundation Advisory Board

“System76’s long-term ambition to see free software grow is highly commendable, and we’re extremely pleased that they’re coming onboard to support the community,”

System76 readies release of American-made powerhouse Linux PC

Can you make a PC in the US anymore? Linux system builder System76 proved you can do it.

Microsoft Should be VERY Afraid - Noob's Guide to Linux Gaming

Linus Tech Tips explains why Microsoft should be very afraid of Linux gaming. And how Pop_OS leads the way.