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Eland Pro 2U

Now Configuring Your

Eland Pro 2U


Choose a platform to load available options.

Operating System

1st Processor

Memory Slots

Select the number of memory slots you would like populated per processor.

1st Memory Size

Select the size of the memory stick you would like to have installed within each Memory Slot.

2nd Processor

Double your server’s performance. Complete twice as many tasks in the same amount of time.

2nd Memory Size

Ubuntu OS Install

Install your OS on a dedicated M.2 PCIe Gen4 or choose to install it within your additional storage.

RAID Options

RAID not available with NVME Storage

Number of Additional Drives

Select the number of drives you would like populated with your configuration

Additional Storage Options

Storage value is total drive storage. Space efficiency is affected by RAID selections and will be less than total shown.

Additional Rear Drive Options

2nd Processor required to unlock Additional Rear Drive Options


Power Supply

Rail Kit


Configuration total $4,399.00

– or –