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an OS for innovators

It is through your feedback and contributions that Pop!_OS can become the productivity platform for innovators, developers, makers, and computer scientists.

Our second iteration of the 18.04 ISO is ready for testing. In this release you’ll notice new features including:

  • Pop! artwork in the installer
  • Custom partitioning
  • Dual boot support through custom partitioning
  • Do Not Disturb mode that quiets notifications
  • Power profile picker in the user menu to quickly toggle between maximum and balanced performance and battery saver modes.
  • NVIDIA Optimus switching built into the user menu
  • Battery indicator improved to display additional charge levels
  • Indented system menu sub-menu items for better information hierarchy
  • Pop! artwork in Pop!_Shop
  • Full disk encryption by default
  • USB Flasher utility to create startup drives
  • Better contrast in the light version of the theme
  • Dark theme background colors are more neutral

Testing the new installer and Optimus switching is our priority for this test release. Please test installing on a variety of hardware and provide feedback on any issues you encounter. If you run into any bugs, you can file them at https://github.com/pop-os/pop/issues.

Known issues:

  • Choosing a language other that English does not change the current GNOME session
  • After installing, initial setup may hang. Reboot by holding the power button to complete setup

If you run into any bugs, you can file them at https://github.com/pop-os/pop/issues.

Or you can also connect live in chat at https://chat.pop-os.org/.

For the installer, we need translators. If you know another language and want to help, go to this link: https://l10n.elementary.io/projects/installer/installer/.