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Shaping an OS for Innovators

Pop!_OS community is warm and welcoming with vigorous participation from not only System76 engineers and designers, but also the open source community. Through your feedback and participation, we can truly shape Pop!_OS as a productive platform for innovators, developers, makers, and computer scientists. Contributions can range from small bug fixes, documentation, usability feedback and feature requests.

Documentation: Help write and expand upon existing documentation by forking Pop!_Docs, and then send us a PR!

Bitesized Bugs: Have a spare hour to work on something small but impactful? Check our bitesize bugs and find something you’re interested in! If your fix gets merged, tell us about it on social media!

Places for Discussion: Have an exciting idea or suggestion that you want to share? We have two great places to congregate—chat.pop-os.org for realtime chat, and reddit.com/r/pop_os for forum discussion.

On-boarding: Want to follow along and see how we’re progressing on Pop!_OS? Check us out every week at blog.system76.com. Of course, you can also check out pop.system76.com/docs for our roadmap and how to make Pop!_OS work better for you. Finally, if you hang out in our chat, you’ll hear all the issues that we are encountering and working on.

Need Help?

File an Issue

Found an issue and want to file it? Head to github.com/pop-os/pop to check for an existing issue or file a new one.