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Thelio Major

Now Configuring Your

Thelio Major

Define your style

Select classic wood or hand-polished, stained birch veneer. All veneers are real wood that has been cut, sanded, and finished at our Denver factory.

Operating System

Pop!_OS is an operating system designed and developed for perfect harmony with System76 computers. #TryPopOS


Your new Thelio Major includes the 24 Core AMD 3960X, 32 GB Dual Channel ECC DDR4 Memory, 1 TB PCIe Gen4 OS Drive, and NVIDIA RTX 3080 GPU

Launch Keyboard

Engineered to be comfortable, fully customizable, and make your workflow more efficient. External unit.


Add an external display to your order.


Choose from carefully curated accessories to complete your system.


All System76 products include lifetime support and free shipping in the US for repairs during the warranty period.

Canadian Shipping Coverage

Canadian customers only - covers all shipping for warranty service.

Same Day Shipping

Orders verified and sent to Assembly before 1pm Mountain Time ships same business day.


We’ll send you a shipping label to donate your old computer to be responsibly recycled. Only available in the contiguous US.

Configuration total $5,399.00

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